Hope For Children: TFFT’s Use Of The Child Status Index

"When I approach a child, he inspires me in two sentiments: tenderness for what he is, and hope for what he may become." -Louis Pasteur TFFT utilizes many innovative tools that help us create our programming and provide our scholars with the best services possible so that they can reach their full potential. Last week

Why Students? Why Teachers?

Our founder and Executive Director, Meghann, discusses our focus on student and teachers, why both populations matter, and the goal of the ripple effect across communities...the power of education can truly transform lives. All images copyright of The Image Is Found   Welcome back and Happy New Year. As we start the year off

World AIDS Day: The Importance of Health Care for Our Scholars

Today is World AIDS Day. Our founder and executive director, Meghann, talks to the work TFFT does in relation to health care support as part of our whole child experience and the importance of advocacy for our children in the health and wellness sector.   "Good health is not only a consequence, but also a cause, of

Builders, Truth-Tellers, and Catalysts

Sounds fun... right?! Last month on top of getting to spend time in Tanzania (my happy place), I got to spend 4 days with a group of 700 really fascinating, driven individuals keen to learn, grow, and make this world a better place at the TEDGlobal Conference. Outside of the fact that I was sleep deprived,

Dreaming Together

Having spent the first part of the year sharing our dream for the learning centre with the TFFT family in the U.S., it was pretty special to return to Tanzania and feel the growing anticipation of the TFFT Scholars and team. Countless moments have reminded me what a game changer this is going to be

Hooray! You Made the Match!

Congratulations!! We are excited to announce that through your generous response to the Capital Campaign Challenge, we were able to secure the entire $50,000 match and double each dollar you donated over the past month to the construction of the Learning Centre and the continuation of our mission. WOW!!! As always, we are blown away by the

Twice as Nice

Throughout the years, The Foundation For Tomorrow has seen a network of supporters from across the nation and overseas come together to make up the TFFT family. With a shared belief in our mission, the TFFT family is the backbone of our growth and success. This motivated support network has encouraged TFFT to always strive for great heights.

Happy and Sad Boxes 2016

In 2009, Tanzania passed the Law of the Child Act to prevent and respond to violence through regulations and guidelines. TFFT works to further this prevention through our Happy and Sad Boxes project, as we believe in a just society and providing support systems so that every child can thrive. Initiated as a pilot project