We did it!!

Yay! We met our Annual Fund match! Together, you blew us away and made it possible for us to receive the entire $25,000 match so generously provided by Joan & George Hornig and Anne McGonigle & Greg Witter! WOW!! We would like to extend a huge thanks to these dedicated supporters, and to everyone who helped

TFFT Teacher of Distinction Award Day Ceremony

The Foundation For Tomorrow presented the Teacher of Distinction Award to ten teachers from Meru District on February 5, 2016. The award recipients each received a certificate of recognition and cash prize of 500,000 Tanzanian shillings (equivalent to $250). The awarding happened in the presence of officials and officers from the Meru District Education Office, headed

Universal Children’s Day 2015

The United Nations recommends that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to observe the general well-being of all children throughout the world. The UN adopted The Convention on the Rights of the Child, which outlines basic children’s rights including the rights to life, health (mental and physical), and education. TFFT strives to uphold the UN's mission to promote a

Annual Report—A Year of Growth

The Foundation For Tomorrow stands out as an organization thanks to the the people who make up our TFFT Family – our dedicated team, our scholars,  our generous and committed donors, and our partners and stakeholders. TFFT’s team works to make meaningful investments in the lives of Tanzanian orphans and vulnerable children by providing access

Happy/Sad Box Opening: Kimandafu Primary School

The Concept of Happy and Sad Box: Most of the developmental period of children is spent at school. Children can experience child rights violations and abuse and child protection practices at school at home and in their communities. Children most equipped to share and report such practices when they are aware of their rights and

Happy and Sad Boxes

Being the Head of our Health and Psychosocial Programs, I am always aware of our children's best interest and how to support their emotional needs. Happy and Sad Boxes are an approach established in schools to offer children an opportunity to communicate and share their rights, and/or the violation of their rights, as well as


In the end of the month of February, the TFFT team conducted a one-week media campaign advocating issues of Most Vulnerable Children and their access to quality education in Tanzania. We conducted this campaign on 4 radio stations in Arusha. In addition to advocating the issue of most vulnerable children, the campaign also aimed to