Builders, Truth-Tellers, and Catalysts

Sounds fun... right?! Last month on top of getting to spend time in Tanzania (my happy place), I got to spend 4 days with a group of 700 really fascinating, driven individuals keen to learn, grow, and make this world a better place at the TEDGlobal Conference. Outside of the fact that I was sleep deprived,

TFFT’s Bold Next Step

For over a decade, your support has made it possible to offer life-changing opportunities to some of the world’s most vulnerable youth. Thank you for your passion, your commitment, your partnership and for your faith in TFFT to offer hope and make such an invaluable difference. We are thrilled to come to you now with

Introducing our SHARE the LOVE Team Leaders!

We are excited for our SHARE the LOVE Challenge to begin! We have 12 awesome Team Leaders who have committed to SHARE’n the LOVE this season. Today, meet the Challenge’s phenomenal Team can make a contribution to one of their campaigns! We hope that seeing the creativity and fun these empowering individuals have with the challenge will

SHARE the LOVE 2017

Our theme for February is SHARE the LOVE, and this will be the fifth year of TFFT's fun Valentine’s Campaign Challenge. This year, we are selecting leaders from across the country and even over-seas to help us out. The goals of our Team Leaders are to gather everyone they know and spread awareness of TFFT’s work, while