Scholar Spotlight: Peer Mentor Program

The Foundation For Tomorrow hopes to provide well-rounded, child-centered care for our scholars. To do this, there is so much more to focus on than just traditional, classroom education. With this in mind, TFFT's Peer Mentoring Program was born! Nice Kahembe, TFFT's Mentoring and Coaching Program Coordinator based in Tanzania, gave the US staff some

World AIDS Day: The Importance of Health Care for Our Scholars

Today is World AIDS Day. Our founder and executive director, Meghann, talks to the work TFFT does in relation to health care support as part of our whole child experience and the importance of advocacy for our children in the health and wellness sector.   "Good health is not only a consequence, but also a cause, of

Livelihood Project Update

One of the projects that TFFT's Psychosocial & Health Program works on is our Livelihood Initiatives project. TFFT implemented this project as a means of supporting and economically enabling the heads of household for our scholars. As much educational support as these young and brilliant minds receive, they still go back to their homes and are faced with

Social and Emotional Assessment

Towards the end of July, I conducted a social and emotional assessment of our scholars at Usa River Academy and Arusha Modern School. Social and emotional skills include a broad set of competencies that play a vital role in shaping students achievement, adult well-being, workplace readiness, and management of social interactions. As an organization that

EMDR Training

Earlier this month, I traveled to Dar es Salaam to attend an EMDR Training organized by the Muhimbili Department of Psychiarty and facilitated by the European EMDR and Norwegian psychologists. EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, a psychotherapy treatment that addresses traumas, anxiety, panic attacks, disturbing memories, post-traumatic stress disorders, and other emotional problems.

TFFT Training for Parents and Guardians

TFFT's Psychosocial & Health Program introduced parent trainings to emphasize the importance of guardians’ involvement in their child’s life both at home and in school. So far, the workshops have progressed well; we have already trained four groups of parents and guardians of our scholars. This training helps to explore areas that can be easily overlooked. A basic tool that guided us through

Introducing Robin

We are thrilled to welcome Robin to the team as our Psychosocial and Health Program Coordinator! Her strong passion for health education and our mission is inspiring, and we are excited to see the positive impact she will bring to TFFT. Welcome, Robin! My name is Robin Mwanga, I am the first born of three siblings. I have a

TFFT Parenting Workshop

Last week, we spent time with a group of 14 guardians of our scholars at TFFT's first parent training. The main purpose of this training is for TFFT to emphasize the importance of guardians' involvement in their child's life both at home and in school. The guardians have been grouped according to geographical location, and we expect to host training sessions for all

Livelihood Initiatives Progress

Daniel interns with our Psychosocial & Health Program to build TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives. His strong passion for our mission is inspiring, and we have seen him bring a positive impact to TFFT’s work. Read Daniel’s reflection about his latest projects below. TFFT's Livelihood Initiative project helps our scholars' parents and guardians learn and jump-start business plans to supplement household income. We

Hai District Study Tour

TFFT works to spread awareness about children's rights and we work to ensure that all of our scholars know their rights and feel comfortable speaking up to a trusted adult if they experience a rights violation. In order to better our knowledge and abilities, we decided to do a study in Hai District, Kilimanjaro Region. This district has some