Livelihood Initiatives in Engaruka Village

Daniel interns with our Psychosocial & Health Program to build TFFT’s Livelihood Initiatives. His strong passion for our mission is inspiring, and we have seen him bring a positive impact to TFFT's work. Read Daniel's reflection about his latest experience meeting with a community of women from Engaruka Village below. In mid-February, I went to Engaruka Village to meet with a group

Beat a Bully Without Using Your Fist!

Last year, TFFT implemented Family Cells in order to better support all of our scholars and to help our staff respond to the individual ongoing needs of each scholar. Each family cell is made up of around ten scholars who attend school together and led by one of our team members. Family cell meetings provide a safe

Happy and Sad Boxes 2016

In 2009, Tanzania passed the Law of the Child Act to prevent and respond to violence through regulations and guidelines. TFFT works to further this prevention through our Happy and Sad Boxes project, as we believe in a just society and providing support systems so that every child can thrive. Initiated as a pilot project

Family Cell Meeting Update

Having the security of family unity is important for child development. A child who has grown up without the reliability of a family support system will face more developmental challenges. Tamara Gold, a psychotherapist and parenting coach based in New York, researches the impact of having a stable family life on childhood development. She says that "the family

Livelihood Beading Workshop

This month, eight of our scholars' guardians learned beading skills from Kiretono Organization. The participants, all women, attended a five-day training from September 12th-16th, held in Karatu Village were Kiretono Organisation is located. All of the women are Maasai, and each is the head of her family. In Maasai culture, it is common to learn beading at a young age, so all of the

Happy and Sad Boxes Evaluation

Today, TFFT alumni, Richard Augustino, shares an update with us about his experience evaluating our Happy and Sad Box project. The Happy and Sad Boxes are an approach established by our Psychosocial and Health Program in schools to offer children the opportunity to communicate and share their rights, and/or a violation of rights, as well as best practices happening at their

First Family Cell Meeting at Usa River Academy

TFFT introduced Family Cells with the intention of helping our Scholars to build psychological wellbeing, social life, and academic performance. The Family Cells help the scholars get to know each other better, as they spend more time together. During our first meeting, we went through the following: The meaning of the family Roles of the family head Roles of

School Club Establishment and Management Training

At the most recent training we conducted for the Personality Development and Sports (PDS) piloting project, both teachers and students benefitted from its positive impact. The objective of this PDS class is to teach students the skills to be independent, reliable, self-driven, responsible, and hard-working. PDS teachers agree that after the end of the students' studies, they