We are truly FEELING the LOVE! This year's group of Team Leaders deserves many thanks for all of the time and effort they dedicated to our SHARE the LOVE, benefitting our TFFT scholars and teachers. In this year's challenge, we had leaders from across the world, representing North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Washington, Italy, and Scotland. We had

Why Teachers: Spotlight on Mr. Henry Sanga

It is an exciting time for TFFT, with the announcement in our January newsletter for our new Classroom Champions program: an addition that we look forward to engaging with the community on in the near future. More details to come, but in the meantime, Melissa, our Country Director and previous Teacher Training program leader, shares the true impact of our teachers

Why Students? Why Teachers?

Our founder and Executive Director, Meghann, discusses our focus on student and teachers, why both populations matter, and the goal of the ripple effect across communities...the power of education can truly transform lives. All images copyright of The Image Is Found   Welcome back and Happy New Year. As we start the year off

An Impact Study on Most Outstanding Teacher Awards

For the past two years, The Foundation For Tomorrow has awarded select teachers in Meru and Arusha City Councils with a Most Outstanding Teacher Award (MOTA). The general objective of this award is to increase teachers' motivation, self-belief, and professional identity, and also to influence school management teams to stay aware of positive professional practices and set high expectations for school employees.

Social and Emotional Assessment

Towards the end of July, I conducted a social and emotional assessment of our scholars at Usa River Academy and Arusha Modern School. Social and emotional skills include a broad set of competencies that play a vital role in shaping students achievement, adult well-being, workplace readiness, and management of social interactions. As an organization that

Training Needs Analysis in Heaven Primary School

Throughout last month, I carried out a training needs analysis at Heaven Primary School in Arusha City. Heaven is a private English school that currently serves children in nursery class through grade four. The school is operated by Sister Crispina Mnate and the St. Joseph’s orphanage in Kiserian village outside Arusha. The school consulted The Foundation For Tomorrow

Math & Science Project for TFFT Scholars

Last month, I worked on coordinating a math and science project, targeted to help some of our scholars who need extra attention in these subjects. The project is set to provide academic assistance to secondary students who need more time and focused learning in math, chemistry, physics, and biology. We hope that the scholars will gain a deeper level

Special Education Training Follow-Up

In November, special education teachers participated in a 10 day long practical training at Step-by-Step Learning Centre, one of TFFT's partner schools. The goal of this training was to build the teachers’ capacity to provide quality instructions to students with special needs or disabilities. I completed a follow-up assessment of three special education teachers at Uhuru and Meru primary schools in Arusha City. The

Video Education Workshop

TFFT's Teacher Training Program conducted a four-day workshop on video education for teachers in Meru District and Arusha City.  TFFT collaborated with One Mobile Projector per Trainer (OMPT), focused on training teachers to create and disseminate videos, see the importance of incorporating videos into lesson plans, and improve the quality of education by sharing the best practices among teachers

Teachers’ Observation

I started the 2017 school year by conducting classroom observations for a few teachers who attended one of our teacher trainings last year. The ultimate goal of observing these teachers is to see how they have been able to apply the knowledge and skills gained from our trainings in their classroom work. Prior to the observation,