Using Creativity To Change The World!

  Happy Creativity and Innovation Week! The international holiday began on April 15th, Leonardo da Vinci's birthday. Da Vinci was an inventor, an innovator, and a creator and his influence still has a major impact on modern society. Here at the Foundation For Tomorrow, we encourage students to pursue both their academic and creative

Witnessing Scholar Progress

Recently, I was able to spend an afternoon with some of our Secondary Scholars at Usa River Academy. We were able to introduce Haruni, our new team member, to the scholars. We also introduced Shellagh, a TFFT volunteer who is from Australia. It is always great to have a check-in with the scholars and

Graduation at Usa River Academy!

On August 26th, The TFFT family celebrated the graduation of two scholars, Yusuph E. Logeria and Mandu Joseph, from Usa River Academy. This milestone is a great symbol of TFFT’s work. The TFFT team, donors, volunteers, and partners are all happy to see orphans and vulnerable children have access to quality education so that they may

Social and Emotional Assessment

Towards the end of July, I conducted a social and emotional assessment of our scholars at Usa River Academy and Arusha Modern School. Social and emotional skills include a broad set of competencies that play a vital role in shaping students achievement, adult well-being, workplace readiness, and management of social interactions. As an organization that

Full Circle Inter-School Competition

This year, our Full Circle Program focused on conducting an inter-school competition at the secondary school level in Arusha. Last year, TFFT's inter-school competition was conducted in Meru District with primary school students only. The approach this year was to involve government secondary schools. This competition was for mathematics, science and essay writing with the following objectives: Stimulate

Building Creative Capacity

During the June school holiday, eight scholars from our Peer Mentoring Program had the opportunity to join an Innovation Capacity Building Workshop to get their young minds thinking in a new way, and their hands working with new materials. The participants went to a five-day technical workshop with a local Arushian NGO called Twende, which

Math & Science Project for TFFT Scholars

Last month, I worked on coordinating a math and science project, targeted to help some of our scholars who need extra attention in these subjects. The project is set to provide academic assistance to secondary students who need more time and focused learning in math, chemistry, physics, and biology. We hope that the scholars will gain a deeper level

A Glimpse into TFFT’s Peer Mentoring Program

At the beginning of this year, 17 of our scholars participated in a special training about emotional intelligence, simple counseling, and mentoring. This group of Peer Mentors was sensitized on identifying other students under stress, and how best to support those students. They were also paired with new TFFT Scholars to help them adjust to a new community as they

Building Better Communities Competition

On a rainy Saturday morning the students of Usa River Academy were assigned the task of building a better community. With colored pencils and paper in hand, groups of students came together to creatively draw on a poster an African village and were then asked to include as much detail as possible that would ensure