Food For Thought Friday

We’ve all heard it before, you are only as strong as your weakest link…right?! So why so often do we accept mediocrity? For a month now I’ve been focused on this topic, racking my brain, going back and forth about where I stand on the situation. Today, literally today, my mind is made up. I

Lessons Learned in Nigeria

In my last post I mentioned that I went to Nigeria with a certain stereotype in my head, only to learn from the engaged citizens in attendance at SHAPE Africa that my preconception was incomplete. This reminded me of a quote from Chimamanda Adichie’s TED Talk: “The single story creates stereotypes, and the problem with

TFFT in Nigeria For Shape Africa

Meghann has been a Global Shaper in the Charlotte Hub since 2012. WEF defines the Global Shapers Community as a global network of local communities led by exceptional young people whose potential, achievements, and drive make a positive contribution to their communities. Each year the World Economic Forum and the Global Shapers host regional summits

Lessons Learned at Davos

There is no question Davos is more than a magic mountain, a boys club, and an annual meeting. Something unique happens in that town each year, and I am not sure if I can do it justice here on the blog. I will, however, try to share my lessons learned, insights, and highlights! Early on,

DAVOS: A Laboratory for New Ideas

The streets are filled with country flags, logos, snow (yes obviously!), security guards, and police. Mom & pop shops have been transformed  into swanky hospitality suites for the Fortune 100 WEF members in Davos this week. The object is to engage, excite, and incite action with regards to the global agenda. The energy is electric.

First Impressions of Davos

I raced to catch my connection in DC and immediately recognized a new "virtual friend" and fellow DC Hub Global Shaper, Peter Corbett, waiting at our gate for the Zurich flight. It was nice to see a friendly face! We scooted our way across 4000+ miles and landed in Zurich. It's all invigorating--I've been in

and I’m off!!!

I've got my window seat confirmed; I've printed my boarding pass, packed my warmest gear (including my fabulous world flag scarf!!), and have 12 hours worth of reading material to get me "prepared" for Davos. "Davos Davos Send Meghann to Davos." This chant is ringing in my head. It's the kids of Matonyok dancing on


So what’s the connection between a grassroots NGO like The Foundation For Tomorrow (TFFT) and the powerhouse World Economic Forum (WEF)? I grew up in Charlotte and went to the same school for 13 years. At that point I decided I needed to branch out, challenge myself, and see the world. That mentality took me

The Road to Davos

So I am sitting in the my office this week playing catch up, getting excited about all 2013 has to offer, and truly most of all, diving in deep to all that the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos has to offer. Researching who's attending, what sessions I want to attend, what type of people I