Congratulations!! We are excited to announce that through your generous response to the Capital Campaign Challenge, we were able to secure the entire $50,000 match and double each dollar you donated over the past month to the construction of the Learning Centre and the continuation of our mission. WOW!!! As always, we are blown away by the power of the TFFT family to rise to the occasion and make our work possible.

In addition to the significant dollars raised, your generosity provides tangible evidence of TFFT’s community of thoughtful, committed supporters. We deeply appreciate your dedication and belief in our mission.

Thank you once again to our sponsors — Joan & George Hornig, Anne McGonigle & Greg Witter, Jason Sehorn, and Patty & Stu Spencer — and to everyone who helped us reach the full potential of this opportunity. The momentum your combined participation has set into motion and the strong foundation you have built for the campaign are already helping to make the innovative and interactive new Learning Centre a reality.

We are inspired to partner with all of you as we continue to work hard each and every day to fulfill our mission and make this bold next step come to life. Thank you for the countless ways you come together to do great things with us. Your generous support of our Capital Campaign will make it possible to have even greater impact for the people of Tanzania and to address vulnerability through the lens of education in even more powerful ways.

Asante sana!