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Investing In Students

We offer orphan and vulnerable children the opportunity to succeed through access to quality schooling, health and psychosocial support and life skill programs.

The Foundation for Tomorrow (TFFT) believes in a just world where all children have equal access to quality education. Through a comprehensive selection process that includes using the Progress Out Of Poverty Index, a tool that measures global poverty, TFFT’s Scholarship Program provides Tanzania’s most vulnerable children with the opportunity to receive quality education at a private boarding school. TFFT also provides personalized developmental guidance, career coaching and mentorship, as well as basic needs. For school holidays we work to reunite scholars with living relatives or match them with a foster family. We hold firm the belief that health and psychosocial well-being goes hand-in-hand with educational success. TFFT teaches scholars to care for themselves, providing whole child life skills classes, emotional and mental support. It is important we all fill the void of the life lessons typically taught in a healthy home environment. We burst with pride at their graduations, celebrate their achievements and nurture their dreams. Our life skill programming teaches essential life skills, stretches students’ imagination, fuels their dreams, builds confidence, and deepens personal understanding. This empowers participants to become independent, compassionate adults, who are able to lead productive lives and are prepared to work collaboratively with their communities to address the issues facing their country.