Throughout the years, The Foundation For Tomorrow has seen a network of supporters from across the nation and overseas come together to make up the TFFT family. With a shared belief in our mission, the TFFT family is the backbone of our growth and success. This motivated support network has encouraged TFFT to always strive for great heights. We are honored and humbled as the TFFT family continues to move with us on the journey to further the potential of our scholars and the greater Tanzanian community. The dedication that you in the TFFT family have shown allows us to ensure that each of our scholars thrive. As we transition into our second decade with a focus on bringing TFFT’s Learning Centre to life, we value your continued dedication and support.

Recognizing that this monumental next step for TFFT will take the support of our entire family world-wide, a group of supporters have teamed up to help give great momentum to our Capital Campaign by offering to double the impact of donations received. Their leadership along with your participation will make the innovative, interactive Learning Centre a reality.

From now until June 15th, Joan & George Hornig, Anne McGonigle & Greg Witter, Jason Sehorn, and Patty & Stu Spencer will match all Capital Campaign contributions up to $50,000! We are excited for you to hear from them about why they believe in this BOLD next step for TFFT and the power of the Learning Centre to serve the people of Tanzania in a transformational way.

Patty & Stu Spencer, Seattle, WA

Patty & Stu have poured an invaluable amount of their time, resources, and love into advocating for TFFT. They open their home to host events that benefit TFFT. Just a few weeks ago, they organized a party at the Seattle Tennis Club where Stu passionately shared why he holds TFFT so close to his heart and why he believes in investing in our scholars’ futures.

“My journey with The Foundation For Tomorrow began on a bare, dusty playing field in a poor orphanage in Tanzania. While getting my butt kicked playing soccer with about 30 orphans, one little girl captured my heart…I fell in love. I loved that girl like I love my own daughter Katy. Meghann started TFFT for the same reasons that I became a believer. TFFT is giving some of the most vulnerable children in Tanzania not only a chance, but the ability to dream and the tools to make those dreams happen. A good school isn’t enough to help these kids. The Learning Centre is an understanding of how to take people who don’t know they have worth and support them until they make their dreams happen. You can change the world by allowing home grown Tanzanian dreams to change the whole country. Patty and I have given as much as we can, yet it is not enough to make this happen. With your help it will happen. I want you to be saying to yourself, ‘Crap, I never meant to give that much!’ and please know that Patty and I are saying the same thing. In the end, dreams are worth it. Give big!” – Stu Spencer, TFFT Board Member.

Joan & George Hornig, New York, NY

Joan & George believe in young people’s ideas and potential. They represent TFFT from New York, and have had a generous impact on TFFT’s growth over the years. They share why they care about Tanzania, providing vulnerable people with opportunity, and TFFT’s bold next step.

“We have been involved with TFFT for more than a decade. We were initially impressed with Meghann and her vision for helping uplift both the education and life possibilities of orphaned youngsters in Tanzania. Over the years we have had the chance to visit TFFT school programs in Tanzania and once you do that you are hooked forever. As TFFT has grown, we have remained part of the team supporting the work and now the crucial building of the Learning Centre. We look forward to seeing the Learning Centre realized as a significant education and community resource and as a further reminder of what we can all do if we work together to help others help themselves to achieve more fulfilling lives.” – Joan & George Hornig

Jason Sehorn, Charlotte, NC

Jason advocates for TFFT by putting words into action. He volunteers his time behind the scenes to help our events succeed, has traveled to Tanzania for RIDETZ, and has experienced firsthand the meaningful relationships formed between our scholars and supporters. Jason believes in helping to provide the opportunity for education.

“Getting involved with TFFT is an investment, and make no mistake, it’s an investment in the lives of children that otherwise wouldn’t have this opportunity for an education. This has been something that has motivated me from the beginning, and the reason I originally became involved with TFFT.  When the concept of the Learning Centre came about, it was a bigger picture investment into the sustainability of TFFT and their overall mission, which is to provide a quality education to those without that opportunity and to give a larger portion of the community in Tanzania a place to learn, grow and develop in areas that otherwise wouldn’t be available.” – Jason Sehorn

Anne McGonigle & Greg Witter, Seattle, WA

Anne & Greg have show passion, appreciation, and enthusiasm for TFFT’s mission that keeps us motivated to do the work that we do. They understand the importance of our internal operations and have generously stepped up to support crucial items such as our annual audit. We are excited to have Anne and Greg participate in this year’s Vision Trip in September to see TFFT’s work firsthand.

“We became passionate supporters of TFFT virtually the day our good friends Patty and Stu Spencer introduced us to Kaitlin (Rogers) and the TFFT mission several years ago. We subsequently sponsored Upendo and truly believe TFFT is turning the world into a better, more hopeful place, one child at a time. And that’s precisely why we are committed to helping turn the Learning Centre from a dream to reality. Expanding TFFT’s impact to the entire community, through the Learning Centre, can multiply the force of its education, support, and guidance programs. The Learning Centre will be far more than a building. It will be a focal point of light and hope for a region. This is the type of project that will have transformative, generational impact. We’re so proud of the entire TFFT team.” – Anne McGonigle & Greg Witter

For the next three weeks of our Capital Campaign, all contributions up to $50,000 will be DOUBLED!! This means that anything you contribute to the campaign between now and June 15th will go twice the distance in paving the path towards a greater impact.

We hope you will partner with us to light the way for a better future for some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens. By investing in TFFT’s Capital Campaign, you have the opportunity to be a part of something new, exciting, and unique for not only a community, but an entire country desperately in need of change. Thank you for doubling your impact through your participation in the donor challenge by June 15! You are helping TFFT live our vision.